Skin preparation review

Skin preparation review

Since I decided to share my story about how vitiligo hasn’t got in the way of my success in dance and pageantry I have received lots of messages asking me what makeup or camouflage cream I have used for my shoots or onstage. Hiding behind edited photos is easy but to cover vitiligo in the real world is a different story.


I almost always do my own makeup, and on my face and find most of the foundations I use give enough coverage to even out my skin tone enough for my facial vitiligo to go relatively unnoticed. I tend to wear Estee Lauder Double-wear, but I also like Makeup Forever HD, and the Mac Studio Sculpt as they have a bit more of a ‘dewy’ fresher finish. If you would like me to show you a video of the way I do my makeup or have more questions about the products I use please let me know and I will update this post or do a video for YouTube.


In this picture I have not edited or put a filter on and yet the vitiligo on my face is barely noticeable.

P.S. Yes that is my GORGEOUS man and I enjoying a delicious meal st Sushi Samba in London (one of my fave spots).


When I am competing in a bikini I feel more comfortable and confident when I have a fake tan, not only because it evens out the loss of pigmentation in my skin but also because I feel it makes me look slimmer! Currently my favourite fake tanning product is by Star Tanning, The tanning mousse is easy to use, is produced in the UK and has a melanin enhancing secret ingredient.


In the picture above I am wearing only Star Tanning mousse and no camouflage makeup


In this picture above I also have Dermablend, which gives a good thick coverage (you may have seen one of their campaigns where the makeup artists transform peoples skin – it’s amazing) but I don’t like to use everyday as it gets all over my clothes and has a matte finish, so to me it doesn’t look like my real skina; I had to apply it in the bathroom as the setting powder gets everywhere too when your applying it to large patches of your body without the help of a team of makeup artists .

If you need a full coverage I would recommend using Dermablend under a ‘dewy finish’ product to get a finish that looks more like skin such as Sally Hansen ‘Airbrush Legs‘ or MAC ‘Face and Body‘ foundation, then finish with lots of setting spray or your clothes will be covered in makeup


Personally, I don’t have the time, desire, or patience to spend hours covering my vitiligo everyday – but for the odd occasion when I do this is my routine, I hope it helps you..

  1.  To clean and moisturised skin apply fake tan (most fake tans develop over night so I sleep in mine then shower off the guide colour in the morning)
  2. Warm Dermablend on hand so its easier to apply
  3. With a foundation brush or sponge apply to white patches and leave to dry for a minute
  4. Press setting powder onto the patches then dust off the excess product with a kabuki brush
  5. Apply either ‘Face and Body’ or ‘Airbrush legs’ to the area and blend out into the rest of the skin
  6. Apply setting spray and avoid fabrics until your happy it is dry


Do let me know if you have any more questions or have suggestions for other products I could try


Laura x